American Food Tips for Memorial Day!

When I was researching Memorial Day, I came across some fun food ideas. I thought, “how appropriate!” since we just got our new grills and patio furniture on the plaza deck.



It’s perfect for entertaining!

These recipes can be found here. It’s everything from “Famous Americans” to “Cooking for a Crowd.” There’s even a recipe to brew beer, the one that Obama uses called White House Honey Brown Ale (1st time someone’s brewed beer in the White House).

Relax, eat well and enjoy the holiday!

Wine Festival

Town Center’s Wine Festival is Saturday, May 10th 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM! Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door. Don’t miss out! It appears it’ll be great weather- 80’s but partly cloudy. Definitely wear sunscreen and enjoy the atmosphere of Town Center! 

Run for the Roses

Get ready for the Kentucky Derby May 3rd! This has been a tradition for 140 years! It’s an exciting day whether you’re at Churchhill Downs or watching on TV. An interesting fact about the Kentucky Derby: 14.5 million viewers watched the race portion of the Kentucky
Derby telecast on NBC Sports in 2011; the total was 16.5
million in 2010, which was the largest audience in 21 years.

This year’s favorite is California Chrome


My personal pick is Vicar’s In Trouble- he’s handsome in his white and red attire!


I think the appropriate Cosmopolitan pick is Danza- how well-groomed he looks in our colors!


Here is a list of all the contenders. Whatever your pick, tune in and have fun rooting for your horse and jockey! It’ll be airing on NBC.

First Town Fair


I think it’s safe to say that we faired our first Town Fair, despite the fact that the weather didn’t want to cooperate. But, the weather didn’t stop the vendors or the visitors from socializing.


There was a surprisingly nice variety of vendors. I saw booths with handmade soap, another with glass-blown items. There were wreaths, plants and pillows to decorate your home, and stuff for your furry friend!

Speaking of furry friends, we paired with the SPCA to promote the charity as well as the Cosmo. The dogs were adorable and so well- behaved!

tvf2 tcf3

We’re giving away free items at our booth! Town Fair is every 3rd Friday of the month until September so don’t miss us on your stroll around the fair. Also, if you’d like to donate to the SPCA they can accept physical donations such as towels, blankets, bowls, food, etc. while they’re in Town Center.

See you next time! May 16th from 5-8PM.


It’s time for Town Center’s Town Fair starting Friday 18th at 5PM. Come shop outdoors and swing by the Cosmopolitan booth to say hello! It will be held all around the plaza. This month’s theme is Earth Day. Most of the vendors will be selling handmade, natural goodies so make sure to check them out! It’ll be a cooler, clear day so dress accordingly and have fun. See you there!

Town Fair at Town Center

Fun with Your Pooch

‘Tis the season to get outside and be active. Taking your pooch along with you will make them happy and keep you entertained! North beach (past 42nd St.) allows dogs year round so long as it’s not during the sun’s peak times. If you have a dog like mine, getting them a haircut may be necessary in light of warmer weather. It’s also more convenient if they’re playing in the ocean and sand. Motley Mutts, located off Birdneck Rd, has a great grooming staff. They also have bathtubs to bathe your dog in instead of dirtying your own, and they offer discounts for dogs that have come off the beach!

Here’s a before and after of Lilly:



Red Wing park has an enormous dog park if you’re looking to exercise your dog, but not necessarily sweat doing it! They have an array of obstacles, toys in the park, benches for the humans, and even a little plastic doggie pool. Best thing is they regularly check and refill the water stations so you don’t have to worry about toting around water bottles for your pooch. It’s just $15 registration for the whole year with license and registration paperwork. The park is located off General Booth.

How about something a little more daring, yet cool in the summertime? Stand Up Paddleboarding is becoming a popular sport! It’s now being done with dogs, too. I’ve done SUP and enjoyed it immensely. They offer a lot of groupons during primetime season, which is a great way to get a taste of it.


To get your pooch acclimated, it’s best to get them comfortable with sitting and standing on the board while it’s on shore. A “stay” command is a helpful tool so they’re not frequently jumping off the board. You can find doggie life vests at just about any pet store nowadays so if your pooch feels adventurous they’re protected by the vest and you can haul them up by the handle over their back.

Whatever you chose to do, have fun and stay cool!

National Spring Cleaning Week


Let’s celebrate National Spring Cleaning Week! Organizers are a great way to maximize storage in small spaces. Target and Wal-mart sell them for $30-$40 depending on the size. Add an extra-rack or shelf-kit for $100.


Martha Stewart’s 8 Cleaning Tips:

#1 For easier spring cleaning, fill a bucket with basics that need to be toted from room to room: all-purpose and glass-cleaning sprays, a sponge, a toothbrush, a squeegee, a scrub brush, hopsacking, and terry-cloth towels in washcloth and hand-towel sizes. Between tasks, hang rubber gloves over the rim to dry.

#2 Wooden shutters can be just as functional and good-looking indoors as out. Their louvers are a perfect (not to mention plentiful) spot to tuck invitations, display artwork, or hang a message pad.

#3 Knowing how to tackle a spot or spill is the first step toward removing it. To create a handy reference for treating the most stubborn stains, color-print a stain-removal chart, slide it into a clear plastic sleeve (available at office-supply stores), and place it in a clamp hanger. Suspend the hanger from a hook in your laundry area. The next time you find yourself facing a stained garment, just look up and follow the instructions.

#4 Hooks and clips keep mops and brooms tidy and tools at hand. If you’ve ever reached for the feather duster and had everything in the closet come tumbling out, try this: Screw hooks and spring-loaded clips inside and use them to hold brooms, a dustpan, mop, and duster. Do the same with tools on the door and you won’t have to get out the toolbox for quick repairs. Store cleaning supplies in a bucket to transport them easily from room to room.

#5 Take storage to new levels with shelves below a row of jackets.

#6 Here’s a new job for photo protectors: Use them to keep recipe cards organized and free of spills and spatters in the kitchen.

#7 Turn your bulletin board into a convenient spot for more than just messages.

#8 Rather than clutter a single hook with several sets of keys, make a custom board that gives each set its own clearly labeled space.

Did you know we have recycling? While you’re cleaning, separate your recycling and when you’re done, drop it off in our loading dock on the North end of the building!

Even in the face of this ugly weather, we can all appreciate the fact that (whether winter likes it or not) spring is on it’s way, which also means Town Center events! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the area, or maybe didn’t realize, Town Center hosts a Town Fair every third Saturday of the month from April-September. Local artists gather and sell their crafts. It’s a fantastic way to support your community!

Here is a picture of it from last year: thumbm_townfair1

Another popular event is Y-Not Wednesdays beginning June 1st-August 31st. There’s a free acoustic concert every Wednesday, and cold drinks and delicious Y-Not Pizza are served. You can’t miss this, in fact you’ll probably want to venture outside weekly to experience the fun and to socialize! ynotwed

You’ll see us staff members at both events this year! And don’t forget about the Chili Festival, Craft Beer Festival and the Wine Festival! All the details can be found here.

These events are a great way to meet new people, enjoy the sunshine and relax after a hectic workday! See you there!

Gear Up for Some Fun!

St. Patty’s Day Celebration

In Virginia Beach, St. Patty’s day is always paired with the annual Shamrock Marathon. Nearly 28,000 runners are participating this weekend, including Amanda and I. We hope to see some Cosmopolitan residents there!

Even if you’re not running, the oceanfront will be packed with music, and vendors selling refreshments and hot food. Be a cheerleader while you celebrate St. Patty’s day! I noticed Michael’s has a coupon for St. Patty’s gear and accessories you can download here.

Weather-wise, we’re looking at a brisk 50 degrees with possible rain so dress comfortably! I’m hoping it’ll warm up- Sundays have been consistently impressive these last few weeks. I wish it’ll go a little more like the picture but I’m not counting on it.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Good luck to all the runners! Amanda and I will see you at the finish line.